Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se written update 13 April 2022 | Aakriti and Anubhav’s marriage

Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se written update 13 April 2022 : Today’s episode of “Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se” is going to be a big hit.Aakriti and Anubhav will get married

Sometimes ittefaq se serial starts with a party in which everyone is present. Anubhav speaks in the mike that it is late but I realized that Aakriti is the perfect life partner for me.

Everyone gets shocked hearing this. Then experience says that I am very lucky, after which everyone starts clapping. Gungun gets sad hearing this.

Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se Today Episode Written Update

Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se written update : Yug, present on the stag itself, says that seeing these two, remembered a poem. Arj, if someone is lost, then he is lost, why come out of the house to cry because of him, you meet us in Hazrat Ganj, then hear this bullet, golu and everyone becomes happy and starts clapping.

Anubhav’s uncle (Golu) tells his wife Divya that by now you must have understood that Annu and Aakriti are going to get married. Today both of them have a sangeet ceremony.

Then Garima sees Gungun’s father and Gungun and goes to them sadly Gungun’s father says that Garima did not tell us that Anubhav and Aakriti are going to get married. Then Garima says that no brother, it is not like this, I also did not know anything about the marriage of both. Riddesh would say that you lied to us that we should not come here and break the marriage.

Even when the music preparations were going on, you did not know, Garima starts saying brother, I am telling the truth, I too have come to know just now.

Ridesh tells Garima that this was not expected from you. Everyone starts looking at Garima and Ridesh. Anubhav’s father tells his brother who called him here.

Garima starts saying lukewarm to lukewarm, do you also think that your aunt can do this. Ridesh says, give the gift that he brought, give it and please let’s go from here.

Charu would tell Gungun’s father that Doctor Sahib, if you have come here now, then you will go after having food.

Anubhav would tell Gungun that you knew that today is our music. Gungun says that I knew that Aakriti has music. If I had known that you are the groom, I would not have brought such expensive gifts, because you do not like expensive gifts or say that you like average things. Hearing this, Aakriti starts staring at Gungun.

Charu says that Dr. Saheb Anubhav will get married on the same date. Then Ridesh says that yes was told but it was not told that marriage will be with your niece only.

At that time nothing was decided, says Charu. Now Aakriti says that both of you should not go without watching the concert.

As the music starts playing, everyone starts dancing. As soon as the music ends, Anubhav’s uncle starts apologizing to Gungun’s father. It is said that Dr. Saheb, whatever happened and whatever is happening, we apologize to you for that.

Doctor says there is no need for apology. Even if there is a mistake, little apology is sought from strangers like us. At the end of the episode, Gungun and his father apologize to Charu ji and leave after wishing Aakriti a happy marriage.


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